Fosen Vind acknowledges clarification from the MPE

On 27 October, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) announced how the ministry plans to follow up the Supreme Court's ruling in the case between Fosen Vind and the reindeer husbandry groups at Fosen in Central Norway.

The Ministry states that the decision does not directly intervene in matters regulated by the Energy Act, and that it will return to how the case will be progressed further at a later stage.

- Fosen Vind is acknowledges the ministry's clarification. We understand that the operation of the facilities can continue. This means that all parties now have the opportunity to concentrate on the most important thing, to find out how the wind farms can be operated without violating the reindeer owners  rights or threatening reindeer husbandry in the long run.

- We take it very seriously that  Supreme Court has said that the licensing decisions are in violation of human rights and we want to contribute in rectifying this. Fosen Vind aims to continue an open dialogue with the reindeer husbandry group, while we are awaiting the ministry's decision on how the case will be progressed.